Cladding Home

Things to Consider when cladding your home

Many homeowners in Australia are looking for ways to protect their home from the elements. Cladding your home is the best way to protect it from outside elements. It also helps insulate your home well and gives you excellent design freedom.

While considering cladding your home, you need to choose a suitable material. Wood, vinyl, metal, aluminium and fibre cement are all good cladding materials commonly used in Australia.

While choosing a material, you need to consider the protection capability, weathering, aesthetic appeal, maintenance, renewability, compatibility and cost.

Vinyl cladding is effective in offering the best possible moisture protection.

Cladding your home with vinyl offers you the advantage of easy maintenance. You can wash it easily with a mild detergent and a sprayer.

Vinyl never fades or warps. Metal Cladding your home with Vinyl Sidingcladding requires regular maintenance. You need to paint it once in every few years to maintain its durability. Fibre cement cladding requires low maintenance when compared to metal or wood cladding.

When cost is considered, cladding your home with vinyl siding is the best choice.


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