Compliance National Construction Code – NCC 2019

Vinyl Cladding QLD provides Australia’s best quality wall cladding products and installation service, cladding homes across Queensland and Northern New South Wales.

We are dedicated to providing you a premium service with the highest quality cladding products. Our Vinyl Cladding successfully tested to NCC 2019 standards for compliance.

Using our Vinyl Cladding for your home’s exterior wall cladding installation will give your home the highest quality insulated protection.


Vinyl Cladding QLD – Compliance with NCC 2019

Our Vinyl Cladding has been successfully tested to NCC 2019 standards

  • NCC 2019 Fire Tests – BAL rating
  • NCC 2019 Weatherproofing tests
  • NCC 2019 Cyclic wind loading tests
  • NCC 2019 Accelerated weathering, colourfastness and dimensional stability
  • NCC 2019 Thermal insulation

Why is it important to ensure your Vinyl Cladding is compliant

National Construction Code (NCC) 2019 – Building Code of Australia (BCA) requires compliance for vinyl wall cladding for new constructions.

If any vinyl wall cladding do not pass NCC 2019 compliance tests in writing, they should not be used and cannot be certified.