Tips to Install External Cladding without blowing your Budget

External cladding refers to coating one material with another for insulation and decorative purposes. External Cladding helps protect the building from outside elements. Wood, plastic, vinyl, stone, brick, metal and fibre cement are some of the common types of cladding materials uses.

Cladding your home can help you save a lot of time and money on maintenance. It increases the mechanical strength of the building and improves its resisting capacity to cracking.

It offers protection against chemical pollution and air. It transforms the look of your home, making it visually interesting and increasing its value. Despite the benefits, you may hesitate to install external cladding because of tight budget.

Here are some tips to clad the exterior of your home within your budget.

Consider Vinyl Cladding

Vinyl is the most cost effective option for external cladding. It is durable and offers long lasting performance. It is virtually free from maintenance. Once installed, you can forget about painting forever. It helps you get relief from the worry of painting and treating for termites.

It does not fade, corrode or warp. Giving it a wash with a water sprayer once in a year is often enough to make your vinyl cladding look new again. Occasionally, you can use a mild detergent. If you want the look of wood or stone cladding, but cannot afford to it, vinyl cladding is the perfect option for you. It offers wood or stone like appearance at a fraction of the cost of real wood and stone.

Get the Style of Stone without Spending More

If you are eager to use stone for external cladding, but worried about the cost associated with it, you can consider using wall tiles. They are easy to install and mimic the look of real stone. You can avoid using complicated borders and patterns to reduce the costs.

Opt for Smooth and Stylish Fibre Cement Cladding

Many people think that fibre cement cladding could provide an old look to their home. However, fibre cement cladding is available in fresh patterns and they are cheaper to buy and install.

With little effort, you can find smooth and stylish fibre cement cladding that suits your taste. Fibre cement cladding is extremely durable and offers long lasting performance. It requires very little maintenance.

Elegant Steel Cladding

Corrugated steel is an ideal option for external cladding. It gives a beautiful and contemporary look to the exterior of your home. Steel curves well, offering you great design flexibility.

You can create the look that you want easily, which helps enhance the visual aesthetic of your home’s exterior. Steel offers more design freedom than any other type of cladding. It is also available in a wide array of colours, so you can pick the one that suits your home.

It has the capacity to reflect heat, which helps to keep the interior of your home cool. It is very easy to install and maintain steel cladding. It helps to reduce your energy bills significantly.

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