Exterior Cladding Materials

Weather Proof Your Home with the Best External Cladding Materials

As you construct your home or office building, your architect or builder will tell you how important it is to weather proof your home. There are many external cladding materials available in the market today. In Australia, you can find many independent distributors of decorative surfaces and wood-based cladding.

The best designers know how to cover the existing surface with the right material to give your space a functional and aesthetic appeal. External cladding can be done on the interior and exterior of your home.

If you live in Brisbane or anywhere else in Australia, it is recommended to use the services of a professional installer to do the job. Trained professionals are adept at using the right installation procedures and ensure that your building gets optimum protection.

Choose from a stunning range of cladding options

Irrespective of whether you are looking for cladding materials for your home or office, you can choose from a stunning range of materials. You will find homes in Australia using cladding options that range from Vinyl, stone, bricks and stucco.

Vinyl Cladding

Vinyl Cladding is significantly cheaper than aluminum or wood and is much more-cost efficient in the long run because unlike wood or aluminum, the colour of vinyl penetrates deep into the material and as a result, it does not chip due to extreme temperatures. It is much easier to clean than wood, which has to be repainted on average every 6 – 8 Years (depending on location and sun, rain and wind facing aspect) and aluminum, which has a tendency to rust.

Brick Cladding

– Brick cladding is expensive as compared to other types of cladding. Brick however adds a unique aesthetic value to your building and also offers great protection for the building. Bricks can be found in different sizes and in a riot of colors. Depending on the specific style and décor you wish to achieve, you can choose the specific type of brick cladding you want.

Stucco Cladding

– Stucco is used popularly in Brisbane homes and in homes and offices across Australia. The best designers and architects have the ability to transform the feel and look of your interior and exterior using the right finish on stucco.

Expert professionals know exactly how to use the right size of materials in the cladding mixture and how to manipulate the texture to obtain the exact final textured stucco look. Stucco is a sturdy material that withstands extreme weather conditions.

Being water resistant is one of the main reasons why it is popularly used for exterior wall cladding.

Stone Cladding

– Stone cladding is a great option for home owners not constrained by budget. Stone is one of the most expensive materials used for exterior and interior wall cladding. Stone adds a special aesthetic appeal and adds a rustic ambience to surroundings.

If you live in Brisbane and wish to make your home stand out, you can use stone on your exterior walls. One of the major reasons why stone is so expensive is it requires well-trained professionals to install and also needs a lot of modifications to fit the exterior or interior surfaces.

Rather than using stone on the entire wall surface, you can add aesthetic appeal and value by using it on a specific area.

As a home owner, it is in your interest to choose the right material to clad your external and internal walls keeping in mind factors such as aesthetics, cost and durability.