Exterior Wall Cladding

Some Useful Tips to Create Beautiful Facades with Exterior Wall Cladding

The main purpose of installing exterior wall cladding is weather protection and insulation.

However, you can also add to the beauty and opulence of your home by cladding the walls of your home. Some simple things can help you create beautiful and unique facades and improve your space.

Here are some useful tips to enhance the appearance of your home with Exterior Wall

Combine two or more cladding materials

One of the best ways to augment the facade of your home is to combine cladding materials. This helps you to bring a contemporary look. Stone cladding adds to the charm of the home, but it is very expensive.

Hence, you can consider installing stone cladding in some places and some other cladding material in all the other places. This not only helps you create a unique look, but also helps reduce your expenses. Defining different areas of the home with different materials will surely add a visual interest.

Use Multiple Colours within the Same Cladding Material

If you decide to use the same material for exterior wall cladding, you can consider using two or more colours. Different shades of one tonal colour can give a fabulous look.

For instance, you can use a light cream and a dark purple or light grey and a dark grey to create an interesting look. It is now becoming a fashion in Australia to use different colours with the same cladding material. Multiple colours work well with wood, vinyl, fibre cement and many other cladding materials.

Natural Stone Adds To The Charm and Visual Interest of Your Home

Nothing can beat natural stone exterior wall cladding, when it comes to beauty and sophistication. This is the main reason for why stone cladding is becoming a sought after choice in Australia.

Natural stone cladding can add zing to the exterior of your home. You can consider using dark coloured natural stone and balance it with bright and attractive flowers planted around your home.

You can even consider painting your doors and windows in bright colour that adds a contrasting touch to the dark colour stone cladding. If you do not want to install natural stone cladding all over the entire home’s exterior, you can just install it in your entertaining area. This will surely transform a dull entertaining area into a vivacious one and will impress your guests.

Glass for Exterior Wall Cladding

Glass offers a gorgeous look to the exterior of your home. It is however not suitable to use glass cladding for the whole exterior. You can use it in entertaining areas like pergolas and patios. You can pick glass mosaic tiles in any colour and design that helps you create a contemporary and beautiful look.

Consider the colours and designs that match with the style and colour of your home. Decorative glass cladding in some areas of your home’s exterior will definitely delight everyone that visits your home.