External Cladding Products and Materials

Why Stone and Wood are The Most Popular External Cladding Materials

External cladding can benefit you in numerous ways. It offers great protection from outdoor elements. It protects your home from solar radiation by maximizing its thermal insulation. It adds an attractive touch to the design of the façade.

Cladding requires very little maintenance and offers long lasting resilience and durability to the building structure. There are many types of external cladding materials, which include stone, wood, vinyl, fibre cement and much more. Among them, stone and wood are the most popular materials for cladding.

Reasons for why Stone is Popular External Cladding Material

Stone has been one of the most sought after external cladding materials. It is an elegant material that will never go out of fashion. There are numerous stones, like sandstone, marble, limestone and granite. Hence, you can choose any of the stones that match with your taste and budget.

Though it is expensive, stone cladding is desired by many people, as it enhances the aesthetic appeal of the home. Its sophistication and timeless nature is unmatched to any other cladding material. It adds visual interest to your home and increases its resale value dramatically.

Choosing stone as external cladding materials let you enjoy durability and longevity. Its fire retardant capacity ensures maximum protection. This can be of great use, if you live in an area that is susceptible to fire. It helps you ensure that your home is the safest place to live in.

With increasing energy bills, people are looking for ways to cut on energy costs. Stone cladding is an excellent option for saving money on energy bills. It keeps your home well insulated and thereby helps reduce your heating and cooling costs. It is also an acoustic insulator, which helps prevent exterior noise from entering your home. With stone cladding, your home will be a calm and peaceful place.

Wood Cladding

Wood cladding remains to be one of the best external cladding materials for years. Wood cladding is perfect for both traditional and contemporary homes. You can find wood cladding in a range of finishes, so you can pick the one that suits your taste best.

You can leave wood as such to get a natural look or get it painted in any colour. Wood cladding is versatile and flexible in offering design possibilities. You can use it alone or combine with other materials to create a visual interest. Using wood cladding can also help increase the value of your home.

Wood is one of the ideal external cladding materials for homeowners who are concerned about environment. Wood is eco friendly and it requires less fuel to manufacture cladding from wood when compared to other materials. You can recycle wood cladding efficiently.

It is the best natural insulation material that helps to keep your home a warm and cosy place. Wood reduces the need of using heavy brick foundation walls. You can make your home a better and more energy efficient place by combining wood cladding with other insulation types. Wood is lightweight and so it is effortless to install. It is durable as well, which ensures long lasting performance.