Protecting Your Home With Vinyl Cladding

With the extreme weather that Queensland and New South Wales received of late, now is the time to ensure you do your best to protect your home.

If your homes exterior is showing signs of wear and tear due to years of exposure to harsh Australian weather conditions, then an exterior vinyl cladding solution is something you should be considering.

Our recommended range of superior vinyl cladding has been tested to withstand the harshest conditions the Australian climate has to dish out.

Vinyl cladding is superior in performance when compared with wooden cladding under severe weather conditions, because:

* Wood is porous, and in heavy rain can soak up moisture into the house
* Wood also has the tendency to warp, peel and split over time, letting more moisture into your home and requiring maintenance.

Vinyl cladding does none of this.


Vinyl Cladding is also designed to be impact resistant. Whether it’s hail or a cricket ball, it is designed to meet and exceed industry standards in impact resistance.


Vinyl cladding is also designed to handle everyday stress, not just unusual weather extremes. Our Vinyl cladding protects against fading and discolouring from the harsh Australian sun.

Thinking of Cladding but unsure? Have questions?

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