Top 3 Benefits of Vinyl Cladding For Your House


Vinyl Cladding is significantly cheaper than say, aluminium or wood, and is more cost efficient in the long run.

It is also easier to clean compared to wood, which has to be repainted on average every 6 – 8 Years (depending on location and sun, rain and wind facing aspect) and aluminum, which has a tendency to rust.


Due to the wide range of colours available, Vinyl Cladding is much easier to work with when it comes to design and aesthetics.

Our Vinyl Cladding also keeps on looking good over the years and its colour won’t fade easily. This is because during the manufacturing process, the colour penetrates deeper into the vinyl board, and as a result, it does not fade easily.

Another reason Vinyl Cladding has grown considerably in popularity over the past few decades is because it is a very adaptable material to work with and goes well with a number of design options.

Our Vinyl Cladding comes with a wood-grain texture and is ideal for homeowners looking for a more stylish, yet cheaper alternative to wood cladding.


If you use high-quality vinyl for your home’s exterior, you won’t have to worry about it deteriorating even when exposed to extreme weather conditions.

When installing Vinyl Cladding, it pays to be absolutely certain of its quality because if it chips or breaks, you’ll have to replace the entire panel as opposed to just repairing a part of it, which is an added expense you do not need.

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